Olav Cornelius

Olav Cornelius enriches our team as CSO. Over a year ago, he joined us when he was halfway through his Bachelor's degree in Earth System Physics. Initial doubts about his suitability for the CSO role were completely dispelled during our extensive collaboration. Olav has acquired geophysical expertise throughout the project, surpassing what one would typically expect from a Master's graduate.


In addition to his ongoing Bachelor's studies, Olav can reflect on two years of experience as a research assistant in the Seismology research group.


His semester project involved the reassessment of ultrasonic data from the ROSETTA mission in collaboration with the DLR Institute of Planetary Research in Berlin.


Furthermore, he worked as an intern at the DLR LUNA Facility development in Cologne.

Email: o.cornelius.imensus@outlook.com


Phone: +49 15140905141

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