company structure

Irrespective, from the outset, IMENSUS has been divided into various departments, each with its own distinct focus. However, these departments do not operate in isolation; instead, they work hand in hand. Their shared goal unites their efforts, ensuring seamless internal collaboration for the success of IMENSUS.

Engineering department

The Engineering Department stands at the forefront of innovation, working hand in hand with the Geoscience Department to bring scientific insights to life.

Geoscience department

The Geoscience Department lays the scientific groundwork for lunar near surface exploration, collaborating with the Engineering Department to develop cutting-edge geophysical devices and methods, fostering a dynamic synergy between science and technology.

Intellectual Property department

Intellectual Property (IP) Department is an integral part of our journey, accompanying every step of the research and development process, safeguarding innovation at every turn.

Business Department

The Business Department takes center stage, recognizing the critical importance of both shaping the foundation of our company alongside research and development. In navigating the intricate balance, it ensures that every stride in research and development aligns seamlessly with economic principles.

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