IP Department

Departmental responsibilities

In a rapidly advancing technological and industrial world, intellectual property rights are increasing in significance. At IMENSUS, we comprehensively address this challenging field from the outset.


Our IP department conducts extensive state-of-the-art searches across various patent databases, databases for scientific publications, and the internet in general. The results are then compared with targeted competitor research to ensure Freedom to Operate throughout the entire research and development process.


These searches not only safeguard our freedom to operate, but also guide IMENSUS's research and development towards obtaining broad patent protection for key components of newly developed devices and processes.


Additionally, thorough terrestrial market and competitor analyzes are conducted to identify which aspects of IMENSUS's patented technology may be relevant to the terrestrial geophysical industry. Patents with high relevance are strategically transitioned into a terrestrial exploitation process to contribute to research and development costs through licensing revenues.


Furthermore, the classification areas of our patents are continuously monitored to identify new innovations in the market early on.


The IP department also takes care of the comprehensive trademark protection of our word mark "IMENSUS" and our logo, the blue dinosaur. After all, a brand can be built without a company, but a company cannot be built without a brand.

Department Representative

Pascal Koch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Intellectual Property Officer (IPO)


M.Sc. Geophysics

B.Sc. Physics of the Earth System: Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics


Email: p.koch.imensus@outlook.com


Phone: +49 17682354927

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