Our geological Data for the success of your moon mission

We are developing an autonomous rover for near-subsurface exploration. This rover will be used to create geological models of the subsurface for our clients' infrastructure and mining projects. Our expertise includes the interpretation of these models and the provision of geotechnical consultancy. With these data, clients can implement economically viable and risk-minimizing strategies.


For years, we have been diligently working towards becoming the first geoscientific service provider on the Moon.

Use Cases

Why geological data? We present mission scenarios where pre-survey and monitoring are essential.


Do you recognize yourself in the mission scenarios? We provide you with the appropriate solutions.

People behind IMENSUS

IMENSUS consists of a strong team and benefits from a dedicated advisory board.

Company Structure

Four departments collaborate seamlessly in pursuit of a shared vision.

Collaborate & Invest

In the field of space exploration, collaboration is the key to success! Let's work together. Interested in investing in IMENSUS? Feel free to contact us.



Nobelstrasse 15

70569 Stuttgart




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