engineering department

Departmental responsibilities

At Imensus, the engineering department stands at the focal point of the intersection of different aspects of engineering.


The specialized domains within the department include the electrical and mechanical development division, responsible for the research and development of the payload, and the division devoted to system integration, ensuring that the payload is certified and ready to withstand the harsh conditions of the lunar environment. The department is responsible for the design and project management of Luna phone-1 for Imensus.


The department's engineers take the needs from the users to design an architecture within specific cost, technical, and programmatic boundaries. They aim to ensure an effective engagement of all the disciplines involved, ensuring a consistent and high-quality payload. Our department caters to technologies critical to the success of ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) missions on the Moon.

Department Representatives

Abhishek Anil

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


M.Sc. Student Aerospace Engineering

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering




Phone: +49 17634437387


Diego Solis Sanchez

Chief Design Officer (CDO)


M.Sc. Student Aerospace Engineering

B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering




Phone: +49 1723456081

Juan De Freitas


M.Sc. Student Aerospace Engineering

B.Sc. Transport System Engineering




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