Business Department

Departmental responsibilities

The Business Department serves as the crucial link between our Research and Development and the economic viability of our devices and processes.


Research and development must not occur in isolation from our potential customers. While the Engineering and Geoscience Department focuses on the technological needs of our potential customers, the Business Department focuses on the cost-benefit analysis of our devices and processes. This means that if the costs of pre-surveying are higher than the repetition of a potentially failing mission of our potential customer, they might be willing to accept the risk of failure. Therefore, our services must be worthwhile for our customers. It's a delicate balance between scientific precision and technical performance on one side and economic viability on the other.


Additionally, the Business Department is involved in the establishment and management of our company. Acquiring new customers and forming partnerships with other companies and research institutions are also vital aspects.


Moreover, the question of financing our company holds significant importance. The Business Department tirelessly evaluates government funding opportunities, competitions with cash prizes, sponsorship from reputable industries, crowdfunding, as well as investments from business angels, venture capital, or similar sources.

Department Representative

Pascal Koch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Intellectual Property Officer (IPO)


M.Sc. Geophysics

B.Sc. Physics of the Earth System: Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics




Phone: +49 17682354927


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