With projects as young as ours, you can expect a lot of change in the team, especially at the beginning. We are happy to welcome two new project members: 


Diego Solis Sanchez and Abhishek Anil, welcome to Imensus! Both new project members have an engineering background and will tackle the technical development of our internal projects. (19.09.2022)

Campaign to recruit new, smart and enthusiastic team members for our project. We are looking for students (Bachelor, Master or PhD) from the following disciplines:


Earth Sciences Focus: Geology


Earth Sciences Focus: Geophysics


Physics Focus: Astrophysics


Engineering Focus: Aerospace Engineering




If you are interested, please write us an email:



Currently, we are working on our M.Sc. theses in the field of satellite geophysics. With this work, we want to further expand our knowledge in the field of satellite-based subsurface exploration and learn valuable for the upcoming scientific work at Imensus. The titles of our theses are:


J. Freienstein: Curie Depth and Heat Flow estimates in the Arctic


P. Koch: Structure of the lunar crust from cluster analysis and gravity inversion

Picture: P.Koch
Picture: P.Koch


We are proud to present our new registered trademark:


We had our monthly technical meeting and the further steps for the technical and economic realization of our project were discussed. (26.01.2022)

First talk at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel about the future prospects of our project. (12.01.2022)

Last technical meeting in 2021 (01.12.2021). Good progress was made in the internal projects and the first presentable results were achieved, especially in the Hill Class project.


In addition to our new trademark (to be published soon), the new domains have also been registered.


We now wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022!

First results in the internal project Hill Class ExploSat. The modeling and calculations have made very good progress. (19.11.2021)


(Process is subject to confidentiality).

New trademark application filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office. PK-KOSMOS will be renamed soon. (11.11.2021)

We had our monthly technical meeting today (03.11.2021). We discussed the different processes we want to develop in the coming months. Our project is now divided into three internal projects:


1. Asteroid Model: Development and continuous improvement of the model environment.


2. Hill Class ExploSat: Development and testing of the first process for the determination of raw material deposits on larger asteroids (process under confidentiality).


3. Cavity Class ExploSat: Development and testing of the second process for the determination of raw material deposits on smaler asteroids (process under confidentiality).

Mathematically usable model for digital testing of our procedures and devices completed. (17.09.2021)

Today we finished the searching for patents in the field of asteroid resource exploration and mining. This research was the first step in the process of patenting our own exploration satellite. (12.06.2021)